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Armonía is a Dental Spa Specializing in Laser Teeth Whitening.

Armonía is a Dental Spa for your health and well-being, which offers a new Laser Dental Whitening Program in a single short comfortable session.
With a low cost of just $350, this program is designed for individuals, families, or organizations who want to look better, and have increased self-esteem and productivity.


The first appointment at Armonía was pleasant and the staff was professional and that reduced my usual anxiety I have at the dentist.

E. Phillips, FaceBook.


... today I had the pleasure of starting my dental treatment in the clinic, I am happy, the treatment and comfort are incredible. More than a dental clinic is a place of relaxation and peace ...

R. Murillo, FaceBook.


Excellent attention as always ... Super grateful, eager to start the treatment, very good review, I was impressed !!! Many successes, see you next week if God wants.

A. Solís, FaceBook.


Armonía has the service of Dental Whitening in adaptive formats for specific needs.


Designed for a man or woman who wants to look better, increase their social visibility and self-esteem.


For family groups where health and well-being are a key element.


Aimed at companies and organized groups concerned with improving the image and productivity of their human capital and as an incentive plan.
  • 1 - 3 People
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Air Polisher
  • Prophylactic Paste
  • Application of Fluorine
  • Laser Teeth Whitening
each person
  • 4 -6 People
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Air Polisher
  • Prophylactic Paste
  • Application of Fluorine
  • Laser Teeth Whitening
each person
  • 7 or more People
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Air Polisher
  • Prophylactic Paste
  • Application of Fluorine
  • Laser Teeth Whitening
each person


The Laser Teeth Whitening is ideally performed on a single appointment, however, depending on the patient's systemic conditions, it could be extended to a second appointment. Dental sensitivity may be experienced during or after treatment, therefore it is ideal to follow all the doctor recommendations. The degree of maximum clearance will depends on the molecular composition of the enamel of each patient, usually it clarifies some shades from the original coloration. To follow of the indications of the Dentist is fundamental for the success of the treatment. Dental clearance has a shelf life approximately of two years depending on patient care. Dental prostheses, veneers, bridges, among others, are not subject to tooth whitening, that is, their color will not be modified. All treatments must be canceled at the end of the treatment.

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A single appointment of short duration, safe, painless and with great aesthetic results in a short time.


Removes extrinsic stains: tea, coffee, cigarettes, red wine, among other substances and applies to dark and yellow teeth by age, mild tetracycline stains, vital teeth postraumatism and pulp calcifications.


Pregnant or lactating women, extended caries, impaired restorations, periodontitis, hypersensitivity, localized fluorosis spots, severe and moderate tetracycline staining, internal or external resorption, and amalgam staining.


It is ideal, once the whitening is finished, to avoid the soft drinks, wines, sauces, and foods with stains, for at least two weeks, since they could affect the effectiveness of the treatment.


    El Bosque, San Francisco de Dos Ríos, San José, Costa Rica.
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    What is Dental Whitening?
    Dental Whitening is an esthetic treatment consisting of a chemical oxidation reduction process that clarifies the pigmentations of the surface of the dental enamel, reducing several shades the original color of the teeth, becoming whiter and brighter. It is used to lighten dark, yellow and stained teeth. The products used are hydrogen peroxide or carbamide, applied as a gel in a syringe, and act to produce the oxidation of dissolved organic detritus and present in the enamel and dentin, promoting the color change of the tooth.
    How long does it last?
    Dental Whitening lasts approximately one hour, after which it is already possible to evidence positive changes, and may require a complementary treatment in the home, through oral covers.
    What it needs to be done before?
    Before performing Dental Whitening, a diagnosis by the dentist is necessary to discard painless conditions, pathologies and conditions to determine the viability of the treatment, namely: gum disease, decay, defective restorations, fractures, among others, that could affect the effectiveness of bleaching. If there are conditions and tartar it is necessary to proceed to its correction and apply the whitening in another day. That day is also ideal for performing ultrasonic cleaning and applying the prophylactic brushes.
    How is the procedure?
    Dental Whitening is a safe procedure, which begins with a diagnosis, after which the original color of the teeth is taken and then a dental cleaning is performed to remove external stains, followed by dental insulation before applying the gel bleach. The teeth are bleached by the front face, those visible in the smile line, the gel is applied approximately in three sessions of laser light of ten minutes each one and at the end the insulator is removed, the teeth are washed and applied a desensitizing product.
    What is the investment?
    The investment plan in Dental Whitening is $350 each person, and includes: ultrasonic cleaning, air polisher, prophylactic paste, application of fluoride, and the Laser Teeth Whitening. There are programs for families and organized groups that have economies of scale.
    Did it has any side effects?
    Many dental treatments may carry a risk of side effects, however, most are temporary, which disappear without a trace very soon. In the case of Dental Whitening you can temporarily experience dental hypersensitivity to the cold or the heat, sore throat, tenderness and white spots on sensitives gums. If in some cases when the sensitivity is higher, it is advisable to use whitening gels with fluorine and potassium nitrate in their formulation. When extreme sensitivity appears - infrequent condition - oral anti-inflammatory is recommended.
    What do I need to do after the Tooth Whitening?
    After the Dental Whitening, the patient must be abstain for fifteen days from the consumption of tea, coffee, chocolate, red wine, soft drinks, sauces at meals and tobacco. The duration of the final color will depends on the consumption food habits of each patient.
    What are the indications and contraindications?
    All patients dissatisfied with the current color of their teeth, due to discolorations among other causes are candidates for a Dental Whitening treatment. Here you can review the details of indications and contraindications.
    How can I get an appointment?
    To get an appointment you can find us through: WhatsApp (+506-8814-0303), Messenger, by phone (+506-2226-5494), Twitter, FaceBook, o email (clinica@armonia.dental).
    Where are the Dental Clinic located?
    Armonía© is located in 39th Street, 60 Avenue, San Francisco de Dos Ríos, Residencial El Bosque, 500 Meters South of the new A.M. - P.M. Supermarket, adjacent to the Angelitos© Party Place. Here you can find addresses in Waze and Google Maps.
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Team of Doctors Professional Excellence

ivan navarro, dds
Ivan Navarro, DDS
Oral | Implantology
Specialist in Oral Implantology, Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Jackson Memorial Hospital, University of Miami, 22 Years of Clinical Experience.
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dennis raphael, dds
Dennis Raphael, DDS, MBA.
Regent | Surgeon
Master in Business Administration from the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico, specialist in Finance, 23 years of professional development, Doctor of Dental Surgery, Latin American University of Science and Technology, 7 years clinical experience. Degree in Marketing and Finance of the Technological Institute of Costa Rica.
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elizabeth garita, dds
Elizabeth Garita, DDS
Maxillofacial | Prosthesis
Specialist in Maxillofacial Prosthesis of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, 14 Years of Clinical Experience.
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carolina avendaño, dds
Carolina Avendaño, DDS
Dental | Surgery
General Dentistry, Doctor of Dental Surgery, Latin American University of Science and Technology, 5 years clinical experience.
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carolina avendaño, dds
Karla Camacho, DDS
Endodontic | Specialist
Specialist in Endodontics of the University of San Carlos of Guatemala, 10 years of clinical experience.
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